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What a great book to study at this young age.

The sky is always beautiful this time of year.

This is Alena's second birthday cake.

Alena enjoys the outdoors with her daddy

Here is Alena when she first wakes up at the camper.  She really loves camping, regardless of what her expression implies.

Here she is at two years old and outside enjoying the warm weather

Alena loves to be outside

Christmas was fun this year as we had snow to play in and Alena loved it.

Here she is with Aunt Margaret in West Virginia in November of 2003.

Alena dressed up for her first Holloween.

There is nothing like camping to keep a family together.  These are the pictures from our summer of camping in various places during the summer of 2003.

On April 26th, we ventured down to Grandpa's cabin for his birthday and to pick up the camper.  Alena had a nice nap at Grandpa's

Easter of 2003 was a good time with Alena.  Here are pictures of her from that day

Can you believe that it's been a whole year since this websites primary concern has been bringing you pictures of our daughter, Alena.  Here she is on the first anniversary of her birthday, April 12th.



The cake is all ready to light and she is all dressed up and ready to party

The family gathers around while the presents are opened.


Alena wants you for her Valentine



Alena is happy with all of her toys



She is so cool in her shades


Alena was here.


It is Christmas day in the McDaniel household.  Alena is happy with her new gifts. 

Alena is 7 and a half months old in this picture and flying high

Here is my daughter Alena at 6 1/2 months

Can you believe that Alena is almost 6 months old in this picture?


Here is Alena at 4 months of age.  

Here is Alena's new walker.  Her first day in it and she is the happiest baby.

This is my stepsister Dawn holding Alena at a family gathering.  This is Alena at 2 1/2 months.


Alena has a new bouncer.  She is 11 weeks old in this picture.

This is Alena at a little over two months old.  She is very content in her stroller.


This is Alena and Karen.  She is 7 weeks old in this picture and resting in her mothers arms.


Here is Alena at 6 weeks old.  That is me holding her in my new recliner.  




Here you see my wife and sister in law (Monique) on Mothers day this year.  Alena is one month old and my niece on the right (Julia) is 2 1/2 years old.  


Here is Alena at 3 weeks.

Alena Maree McDaniel born April 12, 2002 at an amazing 8 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches long. 

Here is Karen with our Daughter before leaving the hospital


Here are the proud Grandmothers with Alena.